Chef José Juan Martínez Ramos

Chef José Juan Martínez Ramos Biography

At the age of 17, Chef José Juan Martínez Ramos began working in the restaurant and hotel industry in Puerto Rico in the dishwasher position at the Stingray Café Restaurant of the renowned Chef Dayn Smith at the Hotel El Conquistador, discovering his Passion for the Culinary Arts. After finishing high school, he moved to San Juan to study Culinary Arts at the Hotel School. He has had the opportunity to work in big hotels like the Ritz Carlton, The San Juan Hotel & Casino in The Ranch Restaurant and the Caribe Hilton in 2000 with the renowned Chef Mario Ferro, among others. After so much hard work in different areas of the kitchen, becoming Fine Dining Restaurant Chef, in the Restaurant Molinas Hotel Condado Plaza.

Years later he is presented with the opportunity to work for the Tourism Company of Puerto Rico as assistant to the Executive Director Mr. Mario Gonzales Lafuente having the opportunity to work in another facet in the tourism industry of Puerto Rico that helped him Expand its knowledge in the development of Puerto Rico as a tourist destination.